The right care for skin after 30

Here is the right time to start the most intensive care of your skin so that it does not lose its luster and freshness. Gradually, the collagen and skin elastin production decreases and the skin becomes more vulnerable to wrinkle formation. The skin can become more dry, sensitive and tired. There is a need to change the routine and care products you have used so far.

Peeling Exfoliation helps to clean the skin, but also to enhance cell renewal and removal of dead cells, helping the skin to keep fresh and shiny.

Sun protection. Our 30-year-old skin is prone to stains and wrinkles where sunscreen protection is necessary even in winter on sunny days. This is so that we can protect our skin and keep it youthful and cool, preventing photo-aging.

Creams. What we are trying to achieve with our creams is to enhance the collagen and elastin production on our skin, to have moisturizing and antioxidant elements that prevent skin aging and fight off free radicals. Giving the skin a hydrated and glowing image.

Eyes. Around the eye area are recommended creams that help to hydrate and fight fine lines and wrinkles.

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