Slimming, tightening and cellulite therapy

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Slimming, tightening and cellulite therapy

Triple action gel


Firming, Slimming, Orange peel

Gel with a specialized polysaccharide of biotechnological origin that acts overnight with intense liposolution and reduces the symptoms of cellulite. It also contains active caffeine incorporated in phospholipids and four valuable active extracts of rushes, cola, spirulina and ginko biloba, which help to fight the appearance of orange peel and smoothing the epidermis.

Apply the night on clean and dry skin by making a massage with circular movements until the product is fully absorbed. Insist on the elusive points.

Tightening & slimming body oil


With Ginger, vitamin E and almond oil

Tightening - slimming oil with rich composition against orange peel and local thickness. Specialized plant extract restricts the accumulation of adipocytes and stimulates the dissolution of stored adipocytes. Protects the skin tissue, minimizes inflammation and clogging. Helps smooth the skin by redefining the contour of the legs.

Apply 1-2 times a day to clean skin and massage with circular movements. Insist on problematic points.

Body firming lotion


Thighs - Buttocks - Arms - Belly

Moisturizing body lotion with active ingredients of biotechnological origin that combat skin relaxation and improve muscle tone. It contains a complex of Omega5 fatty acids of pomegranate oil in combination with tyrosol, which reduces adipocyte size and accelerates lipolysis as well as a specially designed plankton extract that redefines the silhouette by reducing the circumference of the abdomen, thighs and relaxation in the arms.

Apply on clean and dry skin 1-2 times a day, making massage with circular movements until fully absorbed.