Peel-off mask botox alternative



Cosmeticum’s Peel-Off Botox alternative cream mask is an excellent mask that contains active ingredients that help rejuvenate, reduce expression wrinkles, hydrate, give shine and elasticity to the skin. The peptide containing argirelin is an alternative and contributes to hydration, keeping the skin youthful, enhancing its health and physical defense and protecting it from UV radiation. Contains specially selected types of hyaluronic acid, natural vitamin C, panthenol (vitamin B5), group B vitamins, lipoic acid, aloe, active peptides and other antioxidant and anti-aging agents.

Apply the mask on a clean skin. Apply it gently to the face and neck with a gentle massage. Protect eyes well. Leave for 20-30min and after drying remove it starting at one end. Rinse with water and then apply a serum.

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