Night cream with natural snail secretion extract



The natural saliva secretion offers excellent hydration and gives glow to the epidermis. It renews, heals and rejuvenates the skin thanks to its unique texture.

Collagen tightens and hydrates the skin by slowing down its aging process.

Vitamin A activates the production of elastin and collagen, smooths and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, slows down skin aging, reduces sebum production and fights acne and gives a clear and uniform color tone to the skin.Vitamin C, gives shine and lightens the skin, activates collagen synthesis (I), reduces discolorations and fights acne, improves skin elasticity, and provides strong antioxidant protection. Lemon essential oil removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates dull skin.

It works against greasy and acne and is antiseptic. Due to its composition is also recommended for action against acne.

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