Balsam Oil or Hyperion Oil


In ancient times the great fathers of medicine prepared and used it for the rehabilitation of many skin diseases. The Spartans used it to heal their wounds. Its most beneficial ingredients are superphosphorus and tannin. It encompasses a unique combination of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and D, proteins and trace elements. Hypericin and hyperforin work together to increase levels of brain transporters that maintain normal mood and emotional stability. Hypericin also has antiseptic and healing action. And tannin has astringent action.

Balsamic oil helps in many cases like:

* Burns

*Wound healing

*Relieve inflammation

* Vein ulcers

* Waistaches, sciatica, lumbago, dislocations, rheumatism

* Insect bites

* Astringent, gastric and stomach ulcer healing, combating internal burning, fighting inflammation

* Insomnia, depression, sedative

* Stimulating and restoring the nervous system

* Provides good mood wellness and at the same time enhances the immune system

 The benefits of this oil are so many. People who love and use natural products definitely have it at home.

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