Natural femcare

Our site deals with the care of women with natural and organic products.

My name is Elena Neophytou. I studied cosmetology and aesthetics at the Athens Institute of Technology in the years 2000 – 2004. Cosmetology is the science that deals with human beauty, through the synthesis and production of cosmetic products. I worked with the Greek cosmetics companies and got to know the ingredients they use, their methods and products.

I love natural beauty products and I always thought it was the best choice for the modern woman who wants to maintain youthfulness in her skin. I am very happy to see today the shift of companies towards natural cosmetics by developing new revolutionary formulas, but also that people prefer to buy natural beauty products. After all, is there anything better than to trust your beauty to nature?

Through this page I recommend natural products with intense moisturizing and anti-wrinkle action on the skin, that if you try them you will love them!